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Digital Marketing Consultant with Proven 273% Median ROI 

TED Talk Speaker - Author of four books - Digital Award Winner 

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First SocioTECH Digital Marketing Firm serving small businesses in Houston - Dallas - Toronto with front and global outreach backed by expert seo consultant Farid Premani & team serving Fortune 500 re known brands with mission to generate massive employment providing affordable 1/4th cost packages to small businesses employing underserved, disabled & challenged individuals with focus towards low-income & Autistic youth!


Aleedex Inc & Ignite The Spark - Train individuals handpicking best minds from underserved belt and foster continuing education hands on training and Employement supervised by our core seo experts to ensure your business gets the right limelight and visibility finding you right customer through organic and social media arenas.  Our basic starter package value has been highly reduced to start from Startups/Individualist Service Properitors involving locksmith, lawyers, realtors, beauticians, doctors to small medium businesses ranging from food brand, restaurants, accountants, cpa, schools, automotive dealers to name a few. Our purpose behind high reduction in prices is to enroll more clients, enhancing massive employment creating much larger impact. Since we are a social business serving broader niche. In this digital age, when even to buy a cup of coffee you simply Google, but if your brands is not appearing on top first page searches you are left behind. According to recent researches conducted by Harvard business school businesses who generate high revenue in short span are those who serve niche, have high digital impact and valuable returning customers hence we not only help you secure toughest competition ranking for your right set of business keywords but also boost you through courtesy social media rollout included. What else do you need, talk to our consultant now calling +1 (281) 815- 2825 or email@faridpremani.com

Houston SEO Expert - Farid Premani

Houston SEO Expert - Farid Premani & Achievements as Ted Speaker - Authored 4 books - Digital Award Winner - Broadcaster

Dallas SEO Firm with further expansion to Houston has outreached gaining momentum also in Canadian market counted as top SEO company Toronto serving North American belt with beneficiaries across US and Tajikistan.

Trends are leaning more towards incorporating digital marketing techniques having tested SEO strategies. Social media and SEO are integrating more and more. In the past it was thought that SEO was enough but as social media continued to expand with mobile and tablet presence growing dynamics have changed and more of local versus regional and national focus has exploded to incorporate digital marketing with customized SEO strategies. SEO is growing and competition is increasing day by day. Either run in the race or left behind. Get in touch with us now to see how we can help you.


SEO Case Study - 9X GrowthSEO Case Study - 9X Growth

SEO Case Study - 9X Growth

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Analyzing negative materials about your brand and addressing them with sentiment analysis and press release distribution.

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Turn your visitors into customers with our team of experts. We'll analyze your website and develop a suitable conversion-rate strategy.

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We produce bespoke reports and technical audits that can help your business with specific areas of digital marketing.

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Now with expanded outreach serving clients in US & Canada we are serving diverse individual sole proprietor businesses & startups to small and medium sized clients delivering cost effective three packages with hassle-free biweekly digital marketing at prices just unbeatable.

To name a few we have served renown clients from groups like World Bank Group, Germany Frankfurt University, Pre-Owned BMW & Mercedes dealer brands, Space Center RV Park, Hotel Inns, Book apartments in London, Texas School of Continuing Education, Soothing Box like brands and now serving small businesses niche as our paradigm shifted towards social business creating massive employment training and hiring people from low income belt, disabled and autistic individuals.

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Google Maps Optimization is an important part of any successful local marketing strategy.

Link building is and will continue to be a tremendously important component of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Paid listings on Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter can help you reach new customers.

Our team specializes in affordable web design and e-commerce.

Custom email templates that speak to your customers and resonate with your brand.

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How Houston SEO consultant transitioned into First Social Digital Marketing Business?

Digital marketing has become so important and vital for every business that surviving without it has almost become impossible. Closely serving this market and taking brands from no where  to high digital presence,Farid realized that there is a lot which can be done. With passion & philanthropic mind set he started his training school in Texas venturing his own funds and realized that every 68th child in US is autistic with no hopes for job fostering bright future, highly disturbed parents resulting in depressed child having no hope from life. Maximum they could have imagine 1 out of 100 was to get a retail job at kiosk in mall at minimum wages, but this mindset was required to be changed. Our initial Pilot went successful and we realized that creative and aesthetic sense is very high in these challenged individuals and there we got a light to transform this gap into commercial advantage for us all!

We are successful so far and have reduced our commercial prices to 1/4th as to get maximum number of small businesses enhancing massive employments, lets see how rewarding this journey is!

Our next inclusion in workforce is alleviating poverty by educating and employing youth in Tajikistan, underserved mountainous valley with over 80% literacy and 50% unemployment.

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Marketing Errands!

If you wonder what’s wrong with your marketing efforts as you don’t seem to be reaching the heights you’d anticipated after spending so much of time and money on your marketing, it may be just that you have the wrong marketer working under you. This is a fact I realized not only as a search engine optimization expert, but also since a child as I always noticed that it was the chocolates/toys with the most attractive messages and taglines that I always wanted to buy, and not others. This proved that marketing outreach is enhanced if the right colours and creative messages are included in it. While the television and radio were the only advertising media then, things have changed now as we are exposed to so much on the internet through computers and cell phones. People no longer have the time or patience to sit at a table to look for goods, services or information they require. People in fact prefer doing all this work while commuting or travelling, which is why we search engine optimization experts have to adjust our marketing strategies accordingly and which is something we have done. We know and use the best marketing essentials to create a marketing campaign to help small local businesses grow into, or at least give competition to their bigger counterparts.

Emphasis on Local and Mobile SEO Consultant

Local SEO is not easier as we use it to ensure your website reaches the top three Google maps listings. With thousands of companies vying for this spot in their respective niches, it’s only the knowledge and experience of an experienced SEO specialist like us that makes this possible. And with an increasing number of people doing their research while on the move through their mobile phones, you should hire an SEO company Toronto that focuses on mobile first methodology too. Internet users use sites like Google, Yahoo and BING everyday to find information about whatever they are looking for. The right SEO keeps you happy as your site is on the first few pages of search engine results, which in turn keeps users happy as they can quickly find whatever they are looking for in the first few pages. This is why we create SEO campaigns satisfying Google’s complex algorithms which are determined by over 200 ranking factors. Some signals Google reads from a typical website are Content, link, social media and link authority signals which we satisfy using content marketing, online PR and social media elements as required. How we can help you As an SEO consultant, my goal is to help your business grow by helping you properly build your brand online so that you earn a long time return on your investment made. To do this, we will have to learn more about you like how long you have been in business and have had a website, was there a sudden drop in your rankings and if yes, was it because of some changes in your search marketing program and if you have used any other SEO services before. With the information we gather, and our expertise and knowledge, we will slowly optimize your website without cutting any corners to ensure you remain at the top for years to come.  The trick to successful optimization remains in knowing and using the right SEO tactics where required, and then remaining consistent in your position once you reach your desired search engine ranking. How to increase Google rankings There are more than 200 ranking factors in Google, where the most important ones which help increase your rankings are backlinks, content and RankBrain (Google’s Machine Learning Algorithm). Google in fact considers backlinks a very important ranking factor. While some SEO services may find it difficult getting the right backlinks that help their clients, it’s not so difficult for us. This is because I don’t just use SEO tactics to get backlinks, but also concentrate on PR and build strong relationships with the internet bloggers and influential people as I know how useful and important it is to generate backlinks to your website. Choosing your Dallas SEO firm Okay. As long as you are still reading this, it means you do want, and are looking for the perfect Houston SEO expert to hire to promote your business. I do assure you, you needn’t think twice with us around. Though it may take time to get results through SEO, at least a few months, it’s part to the process, where the time frame all depends on the more than 200 ranking factors, where a few are:

  • How competitive your targeted keywords are
  • How well your website is presently functioning
  • If your site is recovering from an old penalty

We believe that successful marketing lies in understanding the market and then making maximum use of each digital marketing avenue to maximize your brand’s reach.  as Houston SEO Consultant serving over 100+ businesses we have successfully implemented PPC, brand strategies and repositioning businesses. Hence, if you are looking for an SEO company Toronto, Dallas or Houston and wish to have a free consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact our crew or lead Farid Premani.

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